SIEMENS Ltd., India, has created SPARE MANAGEMENT CONCEPT for their valuable customers through SALES FRANCHISEE. Pradip Powertech Pvt Ltd is Channel Partner for the Spares business since 1997. Pradip Powertech Pvt Ltd is associated with all Major Clients in Gujarat for their requirement of SIEMENS Spares with Complete Technical & Delivery support.

Pradip Powertech Pvt. Ltd. is Authorized Sales franchisee of SIEMENS LTD. for providing proprietary spares support for

  •  SIEMENS Medium Voltage Panels (8BK80, 8BK88+, 8BK20, 8BK71, ) & VCB (3AH0, 3AH3, 3AH5, 3AF, 3AK, 3AG), Vacuum Contactors (3TL8100) Up to 33KV
  •  EHV Circuit Breaker (3AP1, 3AP2) up to 400 KV
  •  Isolators up to 400KV

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